Jamelle’s bio

I n case you were wondering…..

Who Am I?

My name is Jamelle McMillan. I am a Seattle native who grew up on the hardwood around the NBA. I attended O’Dea High School where I was a 3x state champion in basketball. This led me to a great collegiate career at Arizona State University from 2007-20011 under Coach Herb Sendek. I have an undeniable passion for the sport, but an even bigger passion in helping people carve their way to a solid professional career. There is something about producing results and finding solutions that drives me. I am my own toughest critic and I am always trying to invest in educating myself. I think it’s important to have awareness and understand that you can always learn from anybody if you take the time to stop and listen. Finding success by way of passion and purpose is something I strive to accomplish or help others achieve.

What do I do?

Being an assistant coach my job is to suggest, challenge, and deliver ideas as well as help develop the players on our roster. I am responsible for scouting and creating game plans for 6 assigned teams translating to about 18 games of the season. I also help run drills and participate in drill work during practice or shoot around sessions. The most important part of my job is building strong relationships with players and trying to add value any way possible during their development. I use a lot of film for individual instruction to teach and show fundamentals for improvement. In summer, I work a variety of camps that consist mainly of NBA players or potential prospects. I also speak at a number of camps and clinics across the country. Previously while working in New Orleans for the Pelicans, I put together individual workouts for players consisting of skill work within the framework of our offense and offensive style. During the summer, I ran draft workouts for the organization and travel to visit players individually. The summer is where the most development takes place.

How did I get started?

After my collegiate career, I went to take an opportunity at Drake University as Director of Basketball Operations. After a year there, I went on to help out with USA basketball during the 2012 London Olympics. I was offered a position of Special Assistant to Head Coach with Coach Monty Williams in New Orleans and have been trying to develop my coaching career ever since. I have worked with a lot of really cool people and players during my career. This game has put a lot of helpful people around me and I have been appreciative of the opportunities that I have had to grow throughout my young career.

Where am I currently coaching?

I am currently an Assistant Coach for the Phoenix Suns. I was previously with the New Orleans Pelicans.

Why did I start this website?

This site was created in order for me to share my thoughts and ideas, but also to absorb and learn from other basketball minds. You can never gain too much knowledge in this profession and there is always something that you can use to help you grow and apply to your team or players. I am constantly being asked about the NBA and my job, so I wanted to create a place where these questions can be answered and hopefully help those coaches who are interested in pursuing a career in the sport at every level.

What level or types of coaches is this information catered to?

All levels of coaches can benefit from each other. Talent levels are different and coaching styles vary, but the concepts and fundamentals remain the same. As the game evolves in various ways, different schemes and strategies become more relevant or effective. It's a never-ending cycle, which is the beauty of the sport.

How can I be contacted?

Please follow me on:
Twitter @JamelleMac
Instagram @nba_coach_mcmillan
Email: Jamelle.Mac@Gmail.com